I grew up in Iowa, taught school and drew editorial cartoons there, before moving to Illinois.  While I live here now, I consider myself a native Iowan.   I wrote this years ago after I received an Iowa paper in which I saw a column which said that embryonic stem cell research is legal in Iowa. 

    The kind of cloning referred to as therapeutic cloning destroys the embryo to obtain stem cells. Therapeutic relates to healing disease and sounds good, but you can't use a bad means to a good end, nor justify a nice-sounding word to cloak an evil: you can't kill one human being to heal another.  So, as far as the tiny human being is concerned, the word therapeutic is quite misleading.   It isn't healthy at all.

      Both cloning and embryonic stem cell research are science used in the wrong way.   Embryonic stem cell research is akin to abortion because if destroys new human life, no matter how tiny or undeveloped.  The beginning of life is at conception, not at implantation nor at any later time.   JR

With a Destiny Yon

Iowa’s meant for harvesting corn,
Not for cloning new life to slay,
Nor for harvesting cells unborn,
As those who govern, rule today.

The frontier of life is at conception;
Mistaken are those who’d this deny,
Those who follow a flawed perception,
And trespass on life, beclouded of eye.

The Creator of man won’t bless the state,
For crossing a border, to kill for a cell;
O ponder whether a similar fate
Could alight on us, the born as well...

Even if they call it research
To cure the ills of those more grown,
It does the souls of men besmirch,
To slay the unnamed, the tiny unknown.

The little ones, victims become,
When they to others fall prey;
For cellular parts they succumb,
In a cannibal kind of way...

Ne'er to be loved by another and missed,
Ne'er to have booties and blankets knit,
Ne'er to be held by a mother and kissed,
Because of bad law, signed and writ.

Be they a few cells or many of them,
They’re not to be aggressed upon;
The embryonic cells called stem,
Are knit to a soul, with a destiny yon...     John Riedell

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