What God Hath Made

God made the earth, and the heavens around,
And man He formed from out the ground,
adamah in the Hebrew tongue;
And God breathed life into his lung.

The creation of Adam was the human dawn.
And from out of him, a rib was drawn,
A helpmate was made from his costal bone;
And no longer was Adam, a human alone.

God made them Adam and Eve,
From them we descend and life receive;
Male and female He created them:
And from the two, the race would stem.

Increase and multiply, God said.
For this, a man would woman wed,
And life bring forth, in womb and birth,
To people their kind upon the earth.

We are the growth, the life and fruit
That came from Eve and Adam's root.
Our bodies from them originate
But our souls, these doth God create.

While we come forth from the Eden line,
Our spirit's a direct creation divine.
At the moment a child is conceived to be,
It has an eternal destiny.                                    

                                                               John Riedell


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