Virtue retained,
     Is a precious jewel for one to treasure,
       It doth oneself with beauty adorn...

Virtue regained,
     Is a renewal, valued too in measure,
       A prettiness upon a person worn...

―John Riedell

      In itself a virtue is a quality of moral excellence in a person, a good habit or practice.  But it may also refer to chastity alone,the habit of purity in thought,body and soul. 
In a maiden, boy or unmarried man, it goes hand in hand with virginity, a quality much to be sought after, honored, esteemed and kept, in spite of the temptations of the flesh in the world. 
      If lost, the habit of chastity may be recaptured as a virtue. In poetry, it may also be said:
While virtue may be lost
              In passing pleasure, fleeting;
         Its path again may be crossed,
              A companion there in meeting...


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