Two Crowns

A King, no greater one of worth,
In heaven is crowned, adorned in golden glory...
Yet, whilst here upon our earth,
His head in hurt was bound, as told in olden story...
After God's command, which Adam broke,
The Lord in the garden to Adam spoke:
The earth shall bring forth, thistle and thorn,
This He spoke in Paradise, where sin was born.

The thorn brought forth Our Lord would wear,
In a terrible, piercing crown, above His eyes;
O, the pain that circled His head, that He did bear!
This we did to Him, Who created the earth and skies!

And from the wounds, there o'ped by spine,
Came the precious Blood upon His face...
Some fell in drops, in rubies divine,
With these He purchased, salvation and grace.

                                                            John Riedell                 


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