Truth to Tell

In Holy Writ,
Pilate spoke of it

And, as if in quiz,
He asked, what  it is.
To Jesus he said, "What is truth?"
And Truth? He was Pilate before, in sooth!

But how do we, the meaning define
In this earthly world of thine and mine?

It should in speech always be heard
And verily clothe the printed word;
It says from thought, what is so
Yet, truth isn't always said, we know

A truth reflects a reality,
It's like an image in a mirror
It's even reflects morality:
In honesty, its visage does appear.

Opinion may have it, fully, or in part,
No matter whether in word or art;

Accounts in hist'ry may differing be,
And thereby hinder the truth to see.

Good and evil exist in the world,
Where agenda and falsehood may be veiled,
Or may be cloaked, to be unfurled.
If we're blind to it, truth ought be brailled.

Of those whose words influence today,
Ask whether they know of what they speak?
Are they accurate in what they say?
Are they fair? With these criteria, critique.

Still, truth may be clouded
By mistake in perception.
And not be shrouded
By intent of deception.

We need to use a balance scale,
Allowing that some'll deceive,
But others in fairness we mustn't fail:
We also need to trust, and believe.

Lo, Jesus said of Truth, I am...
Jesus, the Son of God, the Lamb.
If we with Him, do always abide,
Then truth will always be at our side    John Riedell



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