The Rose Without a Thorn

Before the rose, the earth adorned,
Beneath the azure skies,
It grew a bud, a flower unthorned,
It grew in Paradise.

Then came, alas, the Fall of Man,
When Adam fell from grace,
'Twas after this the rose began
To give the thorn a place.

These troubling thorns bring to mind,
The fall from grace, and sin,
And in these thorns we too may find,
The troubled state we're in.

Behold the plight from Adam's garden,
We grow from fallen seed,
That scatters o'er the earth of men,
The thorn of Adam's deed.

From sin of source we must be freed,
To blossom in heaven above;
Unstuck from  thorn of hurt our need,
To live with God in love.

But lo, there was a lone exception
For she without sin was born;
She, The Immaculate Conception,
The Rose Without a Thorn!

From the moment her existence began,
The moment she came to be,
Within the womb of mother Anne,
She was graced and blemish free!

And ne'er could Satan cackle and hurl
A taunt with hellish grin:
That Serpent's shadow fell on this girl,
That Jesus would be within.

She was the perfect vessel who brought
Perfection into the world!
In holiness He was wrapped and wrought,
And from Him Redemption unfurled.

O Mary, Immaculate one!
Thou wast preserved from thorn,
O predeemed by Jesus thy Son,
Thou dost the earth adorn!           John Riedell


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