The Flag Our Country Flies

To the colours, we lift our eyes
To the flag our country flies.
We place our palms o'er the heart,
To respect and love impart.
And others, in military manner
Salute, to honor our banner.

We see the stripes aloft, in red,
Red, like the blood in combat shed;
We may see the white, like bandage applied:
The blood that runs the bandage beside.

And in the canton flying so blue,
We see the stars there flying too.
Imagine the stars, sentinels of night,
Awatch in the dark with starry light.

This constellation may symbolize
Our need to watch with vigilant eyes,
To protect the country we possess,
That we initial as the U. S.:
To shield from harm, from foe without,
And from harm within, in our nation about.
       John Riedell


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