The Eucharistic Moon

moon, rising round in the east,
Resembles a Host, in the hands of a priest;
's elevated for us to see,
Up there, for the eyes of you and me.
With lunar rays of lesser light,
It's easier, to look upon and see;
Not like the sun so blazing bright
But softer, for the sight of you and me.

The Flesh  of Jesus, of the Host is hidden,
But to gaze on Him, our eyes bidden.  

O ponder The Euch'ristic Christ

So beaten, so nailed and sacrificed!
Who suffer'd and died, so terribly thus:
To redeem our elevate us

                                                            ― John Riedell

The poem expresses the the Catholic belief in the Real Presence of Christ, which in the Eucharist is veiled,
making it easier for us to receive Him in Communion. 

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