The Aztec and America

The quill of history wrote
Of the Aztec pagan way,
Of how they victim smote
During their sanguine sway.

The beat of the snakeskin drum,
The throb of serpent's* heart,
Did signal what would come,
That sacrifice would start...

Atop a temple stone,
A victim, down was held,
A man of flesh and bone...
For him, the drum had knelled...

A rock in form of blade
Was thrust into his breast!
And into the wound thus made,
A hand, a heart did wrest!

The sacrificial priest,
Bespatter'd now with gore,
As if he butcher'd beast
This yesterday of yore...

How many times was stilled,
A human heart a-beat?
How many times was killed,
One held by arms and feet?

Alas, during the Aztec reign
These "people of the sun,"
They slew and sacrificed the slain!
And thousands of lives undone!

With hearts a-torn, the bleeding bled...
So many born, so untimely dead!

But it came to pass, their sun on high
Did down descend the Aztec sky...

The occident there afire,
An empire, about to expire!
The west was ruddy-skied:
It bespoke the bloody died!

For to the eastern shore
Had come conquistador,
Had come with cannon and horse
—And history changed in course.

An early historian estimated,
In Mexico, of children alive,
The young were more than decimated
—Sacrificed were one in five!

But lo! in this our day,
In modern America, they
More do slaughter and slay!

One in four to three**,
Die by abortion's decree
And thousands and thousands, alas,
Into millions and millions amass!

When innocents thus do finish,
Our civilization does thus diminish!
O America! Why such a part?
Where's thy soul? Where's thy heart?

O hark! It's as if I hear,
A sound on heaven's ear...
A small yet audible cry
That rises up the azure sky...
Though I know
They utter not a word
Yet here below
I sense a heaven bestirred!

Lo, the rule of Aztec ceased,
And in the past their nation fell...
O America, slayer of these the least,
What of thee will the plume of history tell?

                                 — John  Riedell

* The ancient of serpent of Scripture
**According to National Right to Life there are 306 abortions
for every 1,000 pregnancies in the U.S., reported as of Oct. 20, 2003. That figure places the ratio between 1 in 3 and 1 and 4, considerably more than the 1 in 5  in Mexico.


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