A Relic of the Cross      

Tis but a tiny speck of wood                
From the Cross that up on Calvary stood.
Its meaning should
e'er and always be:
Where Jesus hung,
                    for our eternity.

In Him, human and divine are blent;         
The two
entwined, from Heaven sent.

O Hark! and hear that hammer pound!
O see, what's down upon the ground...
The Drops of Blood that mingle with dust
thus being shed, sadly a Must.
Precious Redeeming Blood,
It forms upon the earth
A moisten'd Redden Mud,
From Suff'ring of Infinite Worth.             

O see, the cruelty                                   
Of that Redemptive Tree:
And its a crossing limb
Where nails did fasten Him

Behold, that Great Sacrifice!
Oft told, of Our Lord, the Christ!
    A Recompense,
        Of Value Immense!

Yet, let that tiny speck
Bring to mind this thought:
We're not even as much
                       as a fleck,
Unless by God we're wrought.

Without God,  
     we're nothingness...
But with Him,
     we're something,
               nothing less.
John Riedell

As far as we know and can ascertain, this is a genuine relic of the Cross that Our Lord died upon.   It was given to me as a gift years ago.  The wood itself is very small, something like a splinter in one's finger. It's inside a cruciform holder, which in turn is within a Crucifix that unscrews at the top and slides apart.  This is called a Reliquary.  A detail of the Reliquary is shown on the right, enlarged, allowing one to better see the wood within the circle. A greater enlargement is below.  The  words Ex Lig.(Lignum) Crucis D.N.J.C. mean "Wood from the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ." D.N.J.C. stands for Dominus Noster Jesus Christus (Our Lord Jesus Christ).

Relic documentation, dated the 19th day of April, 1981 and stamped with a seal.  Some translation:
IN CAUSIS SERVORUM DEI (In the cause of God),  CONGREGATIONIS SS.MI REDEMPTORIS (Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer),  POSTULATOR GENERALIS (The Postulator General)

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