On Humbleness

If we as humans ask
What does humility mean?
Let's bend our mind to task,
To see, what may be seen.

We needn't go to books on shelves,
Nor consult the sages, old and wise;
We only need to see ourselves,
As we exist, in God's own eyes.

To see ourselves, in reality thus,
Is truly to see with humbleness.

Without our God, we're not as much
As a tiny grain of sand, so small,
Nor a speck of dust, to try to touch,
If it, may be touched and felt at all...

We're nothing, not e'en as much
As the tiniest part of nature's atom,
And by human eye not seen as such,
By us descendants of Eve and Adam.

With Him, we're something though,
From hair of head to tip of toe;
From heart to love and mind to know,
He caused our being, and keeps us so...

It's like God is standing before a mirror,
Our image holding, to there appear:
But if He held our image no more,
We'd no longer be, in the mirror before.

He's the cause of our very being
The reason why, these words we're seeing.

                                         John Riedell


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