Mother Angelica

She's gone beyond our present life,
From beyond our midst on earth,
Away from worldly troubles and strife,
While we recall her teaching and mirth.

On Easter day her soul took flight,
But her spirit lingers, in what she'd done:
In the spread of faith and Christian light,
The media work of a Catholic nun...

The truth of God o'er the world is cast

From television and radio sown;
In hopes it'll fall
as in parable past,
To root in good
soil, so truth be known.

And her mother's tongue, it's
still yet heard
Through the Network of, the Eternal Word.

O harken to hear, in heaven's hereafter,
With its joy, its praise, and song there sung...
Imagine and listen, lo for the laughter
Mother Angelica, angels among.

And were God to allow through His holy will,
That she could still, our minds illume,
An angelic feather could be a quill,
From off an angel's pinion of plume...

For her to scribe, on a scroll a thought,
On how life be lived and heaven be sought
-- John Riedell

The picture was sent from EWTN with words on the back attributed to Mother Angelica, "Boldness should be the Eleventh Commandment."   I pray that one day she'll be declared a Saint, and a Doctor of the Church.  I wish she could somehow send down thoughts of hers, as I've imagined into the above poetry.   --JR

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