(My mother Flotilla Frisbie Riedell died on February 5th, 1980, when a fire broke out in a repair shed on the farm where she lived. She collapsed as the family was busy fighting the blaze and trying to save the nearby barn. She had feared one of her sons was trapped inside the shed.)

Mom and the Shed

My mother liked it not:
The shed against the east;
It stood before the dawn,
Her pleasure it decreased.

It hid a patch of sky,
This shed they built of wood;
It patched her morning eye
Because of where it stood.

Then on a winter night
The standing shed caught fire;
Igniting also fright,
The roaring flames rose higher

the fire became
                       a tower of flame!

And alas, that very night
Something else arose...
Unseen, mom's soul took flight,
As her earthly life did close...

Mom flew into the dawn
Of her eternal day...
           she was drawn
       Into its morning ray.  

                                 —John Riedell


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