Poetry from one American

The Tilma The Prairie Fire Prose and Poetry
Why Instead of a Lustrous Crown Rhyme
They Took Me There If It Could Speak... Rhyme Scheme
A Look at the Lake From Forth a Tree Rhythm, Feet, and Lines
Thou Art a Jewel A Beautiful Blossom Other Poetic Feet and Uses
The Crack in the Bell A Sauk Comes to Visit Figures of Speech (PDF)
Rows of Corn Mom and the Shed Supplement  to the book*
     and for a student of poetry 
The Bowl Above My Yard's African Plain  
The Lunar Sail A Sonnet on a Tear
The Piers of Stone Candles of the Sky
The Rose Without a Thorn In Amber to See The Hound of Heaven (MP3)
Blackhawk Fire Nuggets of Light      Music by Gregg Clemons
Death of a Day The Aztec and America The Tilma (MP3) 
A Cattle Drive in Iowa The Crossing      Music by Gregg Clemons
A Night Upon the Prairie The Dugout     
Two Crowns As Thou Would  
In Clouds I See In Words of Granite Graven
Virtue Guard Thine Eyes Fire and Wind
Didst Thou Deceive Summer Snow
A Dying Fire
Mother Angelica
Not Fail to See

The Wounds of Jesus

A Harvest Moon Venus, the Evening Star

Help Us Amidst Moral Rot

Ones So Brave Beneath Thy Hands Afold

Chasing Woe Away

His Wingman The Weigh of the Cross

The Door of the Cross

Minds in Mortal Clay The Sleep of History

Ode to an Angel Spirit

Falling Leaves What God Hath Made Shivering Leaves
On Humbleness Help Us Gather Roses Twined Upon a Limb
Heaven Looked Down The Wounded Ones An Infinite Response
Grains of Time With a Destiny Yon A Daughter to Me
Shoulder Wound
The Flag Our Country Flies
Children's Poems
The Native Hunter
The Flight of Namesa
Throw Us a Rope
A Falling  Star The Kruser Farm The Eucharistic Moon
Truth to Tell It Needn't Have Been  
As If a Butterfly The Saga of Black Hawk I  
Desert Storm The Saga of Black Hawk II  
An Acrostic Poem Thrust Open by a Spear  
Something to the Moon Akin Relic of the True Cross  

The Tilma and Other Poems
  Not in the my poetry book
      Includes both of  Sagas of Black Hawk



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