In Clouds I See, With Imagination Of Course  

In clouds up high, I see
      certain shapes up there,
Like feathery forms to me,
      afloat on currents of air...

To my eye of blue,
      cast upon the sky,
I see their whitened hue;
      And unnoted, they pass not by...
With imagination mine,
      from what I see there wrought,
I may with them, entwine
      to higher things in thought:

Could some
       be from celestial height?
And some 
       be lost from angel flight?      

Do angels aloft
      who guard and illume...
Do they at times, not oft,
      lose a plume?

Oh I know,
      they're spirits so,
And for something to compare
      are thinner than thinnest air...

But still,
      if you will,
Untether your mind
      and see if you,
      a feather may find,
           up in the sky of blue...

And as I muse,
       to my way of thinking,
They'd have us use
       a feather of theirs,
As a quill, for inking
       in our affairs...

For us to write
      on our scrolls of  life,
      neither sin nor strife,
But deeds with heaven in
      that leadeth to, eternal Light...  John Riedell

 A cloud turned to show it better

These clouds present interesting natural formations.  It also happens, that with imagination, one might see within the formations the suggestion of a scene from angelic history recounted in Apocalypse 12.  Toward the top, visualize a person with upstretched arms, and down and to the left, a creature with a howling face, being cast down.

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Note, the suggested shape of a wing, bent as if in flight, above the sunset.  The bottom of it is formed by streaks below the orange spot. 
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