In Amber To See

In a seaweed clump around,
Oft, was a lump of amber found...

The ancient people of yore
Had this idea in thought:
That what had washed ashore,
Inside the sea was wrought.

That its origin had come
From the light of the sun,
That shone into the sea
And caused the amber to be.
That the solar glare
Did solidify there
─From the sun that shone,
   The beauty of stone.

But the sea and the sun that shined,
Bring something else to mind.

Take their ancient idea
And think of the Virgin Maria:
In Latin the plural of “sea,” the name,
Is spelled maria and written the same;
She's identified with the color blue...
And the sky, it colors the sea that hue.

Weave these together and see
What thoughts might come to thee:
These musings mine,
With amber I'll entwine.

Because of the world He so did love,
God sent down His Son from up above:
To save the world that He redeems;
He was sent down in glorious beams!

God formed in her, Maria of blue,
The Light of World, the Messiah too.
And Jesus came to our earthly shore,
As a Precious Child, as God to adore.

Lo, Jesus is a golden Light
Who shines through all eternity.
And on earth, for human plight,
He shone
     through Mary's maternity.

Among the ambers of earth is found,
A lucent orange, to beauty bound;
A yellow mingled, imbued with red...
Like the blood of a wound that's shed.

And this may betoken for us
The suff'ring endured by Christ,
Who in agony, thus,
Was beaten, nailed and sacrificed.

In amber, we might with our eyes
Gather in, bits of ancient wood;
In that of Christ, we may visualize
The wood that on Calvary stood.

Nature's amber is used to adorn,
But that of Christ, is more to be worn:
It's the beauty of Him and holy grace,
Grace worn, to enter that holy place,
Beyond this life and earthly shore,
To live with God, forevermore.       
John Riedell
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