Help Us Amidst Moral Rot

O Mary my Queen, my Sainted Mother
O Thou, without stain or spot;
A holy one, unlike another,
Help us amidst
moral rot.

Our country is sunken into a morass,
In a muck immodest, absent good sense,
The mixing of genders in bathrooms, alas,
It breaches a wall of moral defense.

The inferno puffs up clouds of smoke
To fog our culture
with clarity blurred;
The demons applaud as coals they stoke,
dim and darken His
gendered word.

Lo, male and female He created them,
From them, we derive,
                              and alive do stem.

O Mother, most holy, most pure,
Save us from policy woven with lie;
O help us with
lasting virtue endure
As common sense has gone awry.
John Riedell

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