Heaven Looked Down

Heaven looked down
Upon the Earth,
Upon the land and sea;
From Britain's London town
To distant Perth,
To where I live, and thee.

The continents God surveyed,
The birds and beasts He made;
The prairie plain and mountain height,
And the clouds afloat in cotton flight.

And then, the Lord, He did remark:
Whence cometh that mountain dark?
The one that rises so dead, so bare?
It's barren of life, I put it not there.

I made the fountain that filled the sea,
But whence that mountain in front of me?

I see its peak, there capped in white,
It shineth up, unto my sight.*

An Angel flew down to see,
What shone upon that mountain summit:
Alas, bone, by abortion's decree,
And tiny skulls, reflecting from it!

It sadly was, a mount of sin,
With evidence there
, of killing kin!
The innocent white of so many unborn,
Their lives from them untimely torn!

Offend it did, His Holy Eyes,
And angel said, should we chastise?

Should crops be parched from drought?
Should pockets of coin run out?
Should wind blow and seas surge,
As a warning? Or sin to purge?

I cannot this scene abide,
The Lord in sorrow sighed:
I blessed America, where the peak is at,
But bless I cannot, them for that.
John Riedell

God, of course, knows everything but this way saying, reminds us of Genesis 18:21: I will go down and see whether  they have done according to the cry that is come to me: or whether it be not so, that I may know.  The story may also make one wonder if we will be chastised, for what has been done in our nation.

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