From Forth a Tree

From forth a tree,
Came sin to the race;
From forth another,
Redemptive grace...

From forth the first
The forbidden fruit,
That eaten, acurst
Our human root...

From forth the second,
That terrible tree,
A Blessing beckon'd
From hands unfree...

Upon the Cross, outstretched,
The Fruit of  the womb was put...
And by hammer cruelly fetched,
Was nailed thereto, hand and foot!

O mark, the bloody nails
Struck by the sins of all...
O hark! and hear that hammer...
O hark! and hear it fall!... flesh is fixed to wood,
Lo, Limb to limb, Eternal Good!

O stand and see
That cruel tree,
And He,
Who's hung,
For you and me...
Till the hour of three,
Jesus of Galilee...               John Riedell


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