Fire and Wind

Where Christians gather'd, wind burst in!
    And there, the Church did first begin...
It began with drama and action astir,
    It filled the room, together they were..

also showed in form like flame:
     In parted tongues as of fire.
This lingual presence came
    And rested on the group entire.

These tongues they came to each
    And did the mind enlighten;
They spoke in other speech,
    And fire the room did brighten.

O let our lungs of spirit, breathe,
    That rushing air of Pentecost!
O give us graces, to receive,
    In this world so tempest-toss'd.

Fill the sail of Peter's bark,
    O'er ocean waves of water;
O'er the deep like Noah's ark
    To ev'ry son and daughter.

O Sanctifier, with waft of Thine,
    Billow the sail o'er buoyant brine,
Send Writ so holy and Epistles Paul
    Send forth the faith to nations all!

From every country and every land,
    O'er the waters, fluid aflow,
O send the bark to celestial strand,
    Toward the Beacon of God aglow!

us with grace, O Sacred Wind:
    Away from perilous reef and more,
Away from shoals that wrecked the sinned,
    Until we reach, yon heavenly shore.                        
John Riedell

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