Candles of the Sky

As I walk the dark of morning
With the heavens arching high,
I carry a light for warning
On the road beneath the sky...

In the sky around, above,
With the vision I rely on,
I see the triangle of
The Canis Stars and Orion.

I see the Dipper, its handle bent,
Pivot the northern sky,
The celestial pole to circumvent,
Where Polaris is shining nigh.

This  Star is not so bright,
As it shines up in the North;
Yet it's a guiding light
To those who venture forth...

Casseopia's easy to see
With its 'W' or its 'M,'
Like capital letters to me,
As I imagine them.

Each and every star.
Is like distant candle afar;
Each a little vigil light,
Alit throughout the night.

As if, each little prayer,
Shines in the heavens there.


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