An Infinite Response

When Adam sinned, and fell from grace
A penalty fell upon the race; 
His light in grace was then withdrawn
And the light of Eve was also gone:
Their reflected radiance fled the Garden,
Leaving them, alas, in need of pardon.
They felt a shame and covered with leaves,
And hid from God amidst the trees.

If Adam had obeyed the Divine command,
We would've inherited his largesse planned
        ― The special gifts Adam had in hand.

But as it is, we inherit the stain of sin,
And from the beginning did this blemish begin;
And  sadly we were bequeathed a fallen nature
Lo, lost were gifts, in Adam's nomenclature.

The preternatural gifts, most no longer remain,
Yet the Lord designed a way, to grace regain:
For heaven to open and our Redemption,
There'd come forth a human exemption:
                 From our race arose a sinless exception:
                 The Immaculate Virgin at her Conception!

Eve was instrumental in causing the fatal sin,
And Mary was instrumental in causing grace again;

God the Father sent down His Only Son
To undo what man in sin had done.
The offense against God was infinite in measure
And brought upon man, God's displeasure
                 ―And man alone, could never
                    Atone, for what sin did sever.

Only an act of God could span
The great and guilty chasm of man.
He stood in for man to make recompense,
For the magnitude of the human offense.

Through Mary's fiat, He came into the world,
And through her Son, Redemption unfurled.

Think of how much, that Christ did endure,
In His body human, His flesh so pure.
How much He suffered, to us redeem,
As both God and man, a Person Supreme!

A splinter of wood in the flesh of Christ,
If He deemed, it could've sufficed:

But then ask, why the scourging, the flails,
The Cross He shoulder'd, the thorns and nails?
O, why did Jesus suffer so?
It's something we need to ponder and know:

Consider through His suffering so immense
He showed forth the greatness of sin's offense:
And through all He endured, His great love for us!
His passion we should envision it thus.

The great myriad of sin of all mankind,
He bore its burden in Body and Mind.
His forgiveness shines through the world we're in...
So a holy life for us, may here begin.
  ― John Riedell

The light of Eve has a two-fold meaning here, suggesting that as the moon —the light of the eve —gets its light from the sun,  so Eve had received her grace from God.  

John Riedell

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