A Look at the Lake           

         A poem about Blackhawk Lake, formed by glacial action in western Iowa, thousands of years ago.  It is the southern-most glacial lake in the state, and situated upon its shore, is the town of Lake View.

Across the surface blue
I see a farther shore,
And across the trek of time
I see far more.

My eye, it falls upon
An age of Iowa's past,
Another time, anon,
When ice is still amassed.

I see the earth it carries
And the rocks it shoves along;
I see the land it buries,
The moving ice so strong...

And then...
I see it move no more,
This ice of time before;
It's when
The days are warmer felt
And the ice begins to melt...

I see running water cold,
A whitish surface wet,
And boulders strewn of old,
—And sheets of water set.

I see a current travelling
And washing rock along;
Then a slowing, and a gravelling,
A great and rocky throng
—In time to come a gravel pit,
   And gathered there, stones for it


I watch the ice diminish
And surrender its domain;
I see it trickle and finish
Upon a changed terrain.

I see the hills around,
And valleys to partake,
And bound to lower ground,
I see a glacial lake!

In time, by lake is built,
A town that climbs a hill;
And around I see a quilt,
The fields that farmers till.

And beneath the arching sky,
The restless waters lap,
As clouds of fleece drift by
And wings of wildfowl flap...

O look upon the lake
And see it stirring there:
Its water blue, awake...
Then lift thine eyes to where
     The color the sky is of...
     The blue's from up above!

O see the geological
But thank the Theological!
For what the glacier brought
Is what the Creator wrought... 

John Riedell


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